Capture your parents’ story for the grandkids. Or share experiences and lessons you’ve learned. You might include memorabilia. Our projects have ranged from 2 to 20 hours of interview, with 50 to 350 photographs (digital, physical photos, slides, or negatives), resulting in books from 60 to 350+ pages.

Family stories © Thumbprint Books Inc.


A corporate anniversary can be an occasion to share your company’s history and culture. It might take the form of a series of short stories/vignettes and photos with graphic punch — with fewer pages and less cost than the usual corporate history,  and it may be more widely read because of its story-driven and photo-rich nature.



Because we can bind books by hand, we’re not limited to traditional book sizes or shapes. We can incorporate materials that express who YOU are. Our custom projects have included custom slipcases for books, clay tile insets in book covers, a photo laser-cut into wood, and photos printed on aluminum. We’d enjoy exploring with you how one or more copies of your book could be displayed as pieces of art — “book art.” See our Portfolio for examples of our book art.

Book Art © Thumbprint Books Inc.