• Book-of-vignettes

    Thumbprint Books shapes corporate & personal stories and photos into books — with the option to display them as "book art."

  • Accordion-book-with-pockets-for-memorabilia

    Original memorabilia housed in pockets in this accordion book — those treasures are no longer in a suitcase in the attic!

  • memoir-with-clay-tile-of-self-portrait

    A client had carved a self-portrait in wood. We embedded a clay replica of it in the cover of his book.

  • book-with-architectural-slipcase

    We specialize in books that have a "sculptural" feel, or that can be displayed in a custom box or slipcase — book art.

  • Capture-your-parents-story-before-the story-is-gone

    We can help you capture your parents' story for the grandkids...before the story is gone.

We shape corporate & personal stories and photos into distinctive books. Like your parents' memoir. Or yours. Or stories your employees and customers can read. Or to celebrate a special event (could include stories, photos, & well wishes)...

Corporate Stories

Stories that tell your company’s history and share your corporate culture. The book can be a corporate history. Or a series of short stories/vignettes and photos with more graphic punch (fewer pages, less costly, and may be more widely read because of its story-driven nature). For more info, see Corporate Stories.

Personal Stories

Experiences and lessons you’ve learned. Or the story of your parents’ lives for the grandkids to enjoy. We try to make it as easy for you as possible. For example, if your parents can spare 4 to 8 hours for interviews with us, and choose 50 to 100 photos for us to scan — we’ll produce a distinctive 150- to 200-page book (coffee table quality). Yes, we can help create a more complete family memoir, too. For more info, see Process and our Portfolio.

Book Art

Because we can bind books by hand, we’re not limited to traditional book sizes or shapes. Or traditional slipcases. We can incorporate materials and shapes that represent or give expression to who YOU are. Like a clay tile inset. Or a photo laser-cut into wood. Or photo(s) printed on metal or other materials. We’d enjoy exploring with you how one copy of your book (or more copies) could be displayed as a piece of art — “book art.” For ideas and examples, see our Portfolio.